In Pictures: Yet more shunting at Crich on February 10th!

Barely a week seems to go by without a fairly major shunting operation at Crich Tramway Village, and the latest such exercise took place on Saturday 10th February. Depot 2 is currently devoid of trams due to the ongoing depot improvement works, however as the process of commissioning the operational fleet for service ahead of the museum re-opening next month is underway, there has been a need for further re-organisation of the depots.

On 10th February, two trams were moved out of the Exhibition Hall for commissioning, having been stored there since the final weekend of the 2017 season. These were Blackpool ‘Pantograph’ car 167 and Blackpool ‘Boat’ 236. Their place in the Exhibition Hall was filled by Leeds 345 and Liverpool 869, both of which have already passed through the workshop and been given a clean bill of health for the year ahead.

167 is now in the workshop, whilst 236 has been placed in the running sheds ahead of taking its turn in the works for commissioning, which is expected to happen next week. Its move also necessitated Grimsby & Immingham 14 being brought outside for the second time this year – another rare appearance in the open air for this tram – whilst Leeds Tower car 2 has also been temporarily moved to the Exhibition Hall. This is thought to be the first time that either Leeds 2 or Leeds 345 have been inside this building, although 345‘s incomplete top deck was displayed there for a while in 2003 whilst the lower deck was being rebuilt.

The depot re-roofing is now complete and the inner walls have been installed with insulation material also added. The wall on the side of Depot 2 is under attention at the time of writing, and new doors are due to be fitted later this month. Not too much work to do now, which is just as well as the museum re-opens to visitors next month!

Liverpool 869 in the depot yard at Crich on 10th February, still retaining its recreated 'Last Tram' notices from last season!

Blackpool 167 passes through the depot gates after being released from the Exhibition Hall where it had hibernated over winter.

Works cars Leeds 2 and Cardiff 131 pose on the depot fan before heading to the Exhibition Hall and the workshop respectively.

Blackpool Boat car 236 moves back into the depots. This car is temporarily fitted with a trolley rope for convenience during the depot refurbishment works.

An extremely unusual view of Leeds 345 on the traverser being moved to the Exhibition Hall. (All photos by Peter Whiteley)

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