New York 674 brings Crich event to a close

The second day of the spectacular Glasgow-themed enthusiast’s weekend at Crich Tramway Village was another resounding success for the Tramway Museum Society. For the second day running, a very credible four Glasgow trams ran in passenger service along with numerous other operational cars which had sat patiently waiting their turn in the limelight on the previous day.

Once again, the centrepiece of the day’s many attractions was a line-up of Glasgow trams 22, 812, 1068, 1115 and 1282 on the depot fan. All of these apart from 1115 were also used in service for most of the day, with Glasgow ‘Coronation’ 1282 once again performing exceptionally well in spite of almost nine years of stoarge. It was also pleasing to see Blackpool 167 back in service following workshop attention – indeed, this was its first full day of service since the 2011 Enthusiast’s Day!

The day started well with Liverpool 869, which is currently out of service awaiting an overhaul, posed on the spare track at Town End for a photo opportunity. This was highly appropriate as 869 ended its service days in Glasgow, where it became Glasgow 1055. To create a more unique occasion the tram was even fitted with appropriate Glasgow destination blinds which was a welcome and imaginative touch. The car was later towed back to the depot yard by Glasgow 22, with further shunting involving trams such as London United Tramways 159 and Blackpool 762. However, the best was saved until last, as the final surprise photo opportunity of the day saw New York 674 extracted from its usual spot in Depot VI and brought out to an admiring crowd. Although the American streetcar was a regular performer at Crich up to 1985, it has rarely been seen in daylight since then and so this was a fantastic way to conclude a most enjoyable weekend.

This was the best enthusiast’s tram event at Crich for several years, and it is pleasing to see such effort and imagination being poured into the event. Hopefully this level of interest will now be maintained at Crich, ensuring that the National Tramway Museum remains an essential destination for all tram enthusiasts, regardless of which tramcar types or systems they may be most interested in.


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2 Responses to New York 674 brings Crich event to a close

  1. Ralph Oakes-Garnett says:

    I went with my son on the Sunday and it was the best day (for trams) I have had at Crich since the 1971 Extravaganza on the Sunday.

  2. David Taylor says:

    I went on the Saturday and apart from the fact that 869 was left at the back of the shed I have no complaints. It is the best day I have had for years at Crich and I hope that there are many more. The staff problem was not evident and perhaps many of those workers that came for the week-end will do more during the week so that more variety of trams can be used.

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