Bournemouth 85 to star at Crich ‘Tram Day’

The main enthusiast event for 2017 at Crich Tramway Village just got a lot more exciting, with the news that recent arrival Bournemouth 85 is set to be the star attraction this year! The tram is set to be displayed outside for ‘Tram Day’ on Saturday 16th September, before taking pride of place in the Great Exhibition Hall on its special narrow-gauge track.

Following its move from Christchurch to Crich on 24th August, 85 has been stabled at the top of road 12 in the depots, with Glasgow 1282 temporarily moved to the Exhibition Hall to make space for the new addition. 85 is sitting on some temporary rails for now, and some people had wondered why it had not gone straight into the hall. The answer is to enable its display in the open at ‘Tram Day’, which will hopefully be well received by enthusiasts. Prior to joining the national collection, Bournemouth 85 had been housed in three different static museums, but very few people will have ever seen it outside – so this is a very welcome move which should encourage some extra visitors to what is always a very good event. It is expected that the tram will be displayed alongside another car from the south of England, Southampton 45. As 85 is unlikely to be moved much once in place in the exhibition due to its narrower gauge than the rest of the Crich fleet, this is likely to be a unique example to see it out and will definitely be something to appeal to the photographers!

Having been criticised in the past for moving Blackpool Balloon 249 straight into the Exhibition Hall on its arrival at Crich, with no opportunity to see it displayed in the depot yard beforehand, this is a very positive move from Crich Tramway Village. We hope to be bringing extensive coverage of ‘Tram Day’, and further details of the event should be posted in advance of the day itself once more is known.

A look inside the running sheds at Crich on 25th August with Bournemouth 85 at the front. Also clearly visible are Blackpool 166 and Sheffield 189, which has recently moved over from Depot V.

Meanwhile Glasgow 1282 has moved into the Exhibition Hall to make space for 85 in the depot. The tram can just about be seen behind Derby 1 in this shot, with Blackpool & Fleetwood 2 alongside. (Photos by Andy Bailey)

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