Can you help? The Aberdeen Tramway Rosette Appreciation Society seek information

We have been contacted by the Aberdeen Tramway Rosette Appreciation Society who are eager to find out which tram systems throughout Britain had tram rosettes instead of poles to hold up the overhead, particularly in the centre of towns and cities in England and Wales. They are looking to see whether anyone reading this might know of the location of any such objects on old tram routes so that they can conclude their investigations. If you can help them in anyway please contact us at our usual email address ( and we will pass the information on to the ATRAS.

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4 Responses to Can you help? The Aberdeen Tramway Rosette Appreciation Society seek information

  1. Dan says:

    Been on google and I found on in glasgow on Gibson Street. In Sheffield we have the modern equivalent but no rosettes I think. I’ll keep an eye out though.

  2. john woodman says:

    Blackpool’s General Post Office on Abingdon Street retains one rosette on its impressive facade – retained in place during a renovation of the structure some years back. This was used (along with another wall pull off the same building) for the overhead wiring on the sharp Clifton Street and Abingdon Street curve up until the closure of that route in 1962 six weeks after Glasgow’s last tram.

    Photos of the wiring (and rosette) can be seen in the forthcoming book – Tribute to Marton Trams 1901 – 1962 available from Rigby Road Publications at the end of October. Copies are available £24.00 from RRP PO Box 208, St Annes, Lancs. FY8 9AL plus £4.00 post and packing. 120 Pages full colour A4 Landscape filled with new and rare images from the line since its opening.

  3. The Eye says:

    A quick look on Flickr shows there are a number still attached to buildings in Glasgow.

  4. Bill brown, Aberdeen. says:

    On behalf of the Chairman and myself after 20 years we are winding down our investigations in the British Isles . Apart from an accurate count of those in Glasgow, where there probably up to 900 or more still in place, we think we have been everywhere that rosettes existed in tram days…Our final wish is that a rosette in Station Road WestCroydon is made available for preservation with the London Transport Museum….WAB

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