Services resume on Snaefell Mountain Railway

Trams are once again running on the Snaefell Mountain Railway between Laxey and the summit following trials of trams running at reduced speeds on the line. When we last reported on the issue the Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate had suspended all services as the lower speed limit imposed was not being adhered to at times however now that speed monitoring equipment is being used they have agreed to a resumption of services.

A short statement by the Department of Infrastructure said that the trials they had undertaken on the morning of Friday 11th August had shown that the speed monitoring equipment and management procedures were effective. With the Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate also present they agreed to the contents of the new procedure and allowed services to start again.

The reduced speed limit on the line is now 8mph (reduced from 12 mph) although how this will help if there is another brake failure remains to be seen.

As a result of the reduced speed – and possibly also due to tram shortages caused by the brake issues – an amended service was run on Saturday 12th August with only a guarantee that trams would run at regular intervals.

The investigation into what caused the brake failure is continuing and the Department of Infrastructure have said that they will not be releasing any further information whilst this enquires are ongoing.

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