SNP back plans to extend Edinburgh Trams – with conditions

The SNP have released their council manifesto for the forthcoming elections for seats on Edinburgh City Council with strong mention of proposals to extend the tram line down Leith Walk. Having previously been opponents of the scheme they seem to back the proposals, although there are strict conditions they set for their full support.

They state that they will only support the plans if there is an assurance that the project will be properly managed, that disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum and that small and independent businesses will be supported throughout the works.

In the manifesto the SNP say: “We believe that extending the tram represents the best means of building the capacity we need in our public transport network and unlocking the economic potential of communities across the city. We recognise that to instil public confidence in tram extension, the project must be delivered on time and on budget without placing undue pressure on the city’s finances.”

Labour have already pledged their support for the extension.

The extension plans will not be discussed before the local elections in May with the business case set to be considered by councillors in June.

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2 Responses to SNP back plans to extend Edinburgh Trams – with conditions

  1. I hope that unlike the £42M waste of public money that is the Gateway interchange, an investment appraisal is prepared in order that the financial benefits of the scheme may be ascertained and advised.

  2. Nigel Pennick says:

    I believe much of the underground services along Leith Walk were diverted before that part of the original scheme was cancelled, so it is really completion of the scheme rather than extension. Also there are sufficient trams already in the depot to run the service. York Place is an awkward location for a terminus, as the line was designed to be cross-city in the first place.

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