This week on British Trams Online

We head to Manchester for a small selection of photos this week:

Gallery 654: Manchester Metrolink Second City Crossing Testing – January 2017

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3 Responses to This week on British Trams Online

  1. Fred Fitter says:

    Great picture Steve, particularly catching the 4 trams in St.Peters Square.
    most shots make the wires disappear and very few OLE poles
    It will be a test for the interlacing tracks on the I/B along side Midlands Hotel

  2. Mark Sheppard says:

    There is no getting away from it, St Peter’s square is now a light railway station, still great photos.

    • Steve Hyde says:

      I agree that from the photos I sent in it may look like it is as you put it and light railway station but in fact if you compare the present version of the square with what preceded it there is far more open space. The area in front of the Central Library and Town Hall Extension is now a vast public space and the free space around the Cenotaph is greatly enlarged.

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