Passenger numbers up on Midland Metro

New figures reported by the Wolverhampton Express and Star have shown that Midland Metro is more popular than ever with more than a million passengers being carried on the line in November and December – a 300,000 increase. The increased passenger numbers come at a time when Midland Metro is in a major expansion programme with the line through Birmingham City Centre just the start of things to come.

The figures show that in November 2016 565,419 passengers were carried (a 45% increase of nearly 170,000) and in December there were 517,126 passenger journeys recorded (29% increase).

Cllr Roger Horton, lead member for rail and Metro at the West Midlands Combined Authority, said: “These increased passenger figures demonstrate why the WMCA will be undertaking a £1.2 billion expansion of the tram network over the next decade and why Metro is an important component of its economic and transport strategies. These tram extensions will greatly improve connectivity between key destinations in the West Midlands, including the forthcoming HS2 stations and can be a catalyst for economic growth and jobs. While the Metro’s 99 per cent per cent reliability and quick journey times have always made it popular with weekday commuters, these latest figures show big increases in weekend use which suggest many more people are now using the Metro for shopping and other leisure pursuits. It shows how improved connectivity can make the Metro an even more attractive proposition for people wanting to leave their cars at home. We are very optimistic.”

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5 Responses to Passenger numbers up on Midland Metro

  1. John Gilbert says:

    With a friend I travelled on Midland Metro recently to “sample” the new trams. They look superb, although those seats are ha-a-a-a-rd. But my complaint is the VERY noisy riding on the street track in Wolverhampton. This needs A LOT of grinding VERY SOON – like last Friday!! ( Hopefully, perhaps, it has been done since I was there, but if not it gives a very bad impression of trams, even as the old Mark 1 tram track used to.) And why, I have to ask, was the track allowed to get into such a state, anyway? Heads should roll.

    • pAUL MORRIES says:

      track in wolverhampton was replaced in 2015/2016

    • Harry says:

      I have used the Midland Metro since it opened, the tram tracks in Wolverhampton on the road have always been that loud and the new trams have been better on that section than the old ones. Glad to hear that passenger numbers are on the rise and I am looking forward to the Wolverhampton extension and Birmingham to the new libary.

  2. Andy says:

    Track is due to be replaced soon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is really good news and the expansion plans are something to envy from my Leeds perspective, I take John Gilbert`s point about the seating on the new trams! A park bench would be more comfortable. The T69`s , in my opinion, were more comfortable but I do like the design of their replacements.

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