Crich50 – Crich Parish Residents Day

The second of the events to celebrate Crich50 was held on Saturday 23rd May and was Crich Parish Residents’ Day. British Trams Online Webmaster Gareth Prior was present for part of the day and what follows now is a small taster of what happened.

The idea of this day was for local residents to have a look around the Museum with free entry passes being sent to enable them to see just what goes on at the tramway down the road. Although the main purpose of the day was aimed at non-enthusiasts a few events still took place which would appeal to any passing tram enthusiast.

Unfortunately, because of train timings I didn’t arrive at the Museum until around 1600 – by which time most of the exciting events of the day had already take place. However, with thanks to members of the Yahoo! Groups: Tramway Museum I am able to give you a feel of what happened during the main part of the day.

The star of the Crich50 events, Cardiff 131, was used again on this day. 131 was out for most of the day and offered trips to members of the Tramcar Sponsorship Organisation (TS0) who had funded the restoration. Unfortunately, 131 didn’t manage to complete the day in service as it developed a slight controller fault which required Workshop attention.

With TSO members on site a chance was also taken to organise a special line-up of trams that they had helped to return to service. Chesterfield 7, Leeds 345, 131 and Sheffield 74 were the trams which were used for this. The TSO are a major supporter of restorations at the Tramway Museum with much of the funding for recent restorations coming thanks to kind donations of their members.

For the main part of the day a service using five trams was offered with Blackpool and Fleetwood 2, Glasgow 22, Paisley 68, Blackpool 166 and Leeds 399 those in charge. Services were due to run through until approximately 2000 but in the end this did not quite happen. With the fine sunny weather which was to be a major feature of the weekend still in evidence at around 1700 it was decided that the evening two tram service would use open trams 68 and 166. Alas, there wasn’t really the demand for a tram service much beyond 1900 as most of the day’s visitors had departed. Both trams did, however, manage a few more journeys before 166 returned to Depot just after 1900 leaving 68 to run the final journeys of the day.

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