In Pictures: Nottingham Express Transit 204

As reported at the weekend the latest tram on the Nottingham Express Transit network to  receive advertising vinyls has been 204 which has received its first ever all over advert for Glide into Nottingham, a campaign to encourage more people to travel by tram. With thanks to Will Hughes we are now able to offer you a selection of photos of the new look tram.

A view of 204 whilst it was receiving attention on the wheel lathe at Wilkinson Street depot. (Photo: Will Hughes)


The two sides of the centre car feature different "supersquare" adverts and here is the first one. (Photo: Will Hughes)


And the other side... (Photo: Will Hughes)


One final view of 204 peeking out of the depot. (Photo: Will Hughes)



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4 Responses to In Pictures: Nottingham Express Transit 204

  1. Colin Smith says:

    Sorry guys, the number on the front of that vehicle 9is very clearly “204” not “208!”

  2. Peter Marsh says:

    Well plastering the windows with that appalling contravision rubbish certainly wouldn’t tempt me. Call me old fashioned, but I have this quaint belief that windows are there for passengers to be able to look out of.

  3. ptd673s says:

    The applied film ensures that passengers can still see out of the windows.

  4. John Gilbert says:

    In my experience covering the windows with advertising, no matter what, means that a clear view through is simply not possible. Yes, one can see after a fashion, but not with any kind of clarity. As your correspondent above says, windows are there to be seen through – and that means CLEARLY. Let no one tell you that windows covered with film are clear to see through!!

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