Ruddington Lane to close for six months as part of NET Phase Two

It has been announced that part of Ruddington Lane in Wilford will close for six months from October this year to allow major works in connection with phase two of Nottingham Express Transit to take place. The news that the road is to be closed for this length of time has been met with dismay by some local residents who are afraid that it will mean major diversion for bus routes which will mean they don’t go anywhere near their houses.

Ruddington Lane is to be closed between Fieldway and the entrance to Nottingham South and Wilford Industrial Estate from October. This closure is to enable the road to be lowered so there is space for a tramstop at ground level and a new traffic signalled tramway crossing will also be installed at the same time.

Several local residents have expressed their worries about the news as they fear that it will mean their local bus routes will be diverted away from the area meaning they would not be as useful as previously. Trent Barton buses have given assurances that they will do everything within their power to make sure the disruption is kept to a minimum.

Officials from NET Phase Two are due to attend the next meeting of the Wilford  Community Group at Wilford Social Club to inform locals of what is happening and when and to answer any questions people may have.

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3 Responses to Ruddington Lane to close for six months as part of NET Phase Two

  1. Wendy Wilson says:

    I ride my bike up Ruddington Lane, Wilford to grt to Ruddington, can you please let me know the alternative route as I am aware that part of the cycle track to Clifton, Farnborough Road is also closed!

    Many Thanks

  2. Gareth Prior says:

    Wendy I suggest you look at the official NET Phase Two website which will give you full details of all traffic diversions etc. as the construction continues:

  3. Julian says:

    When will Ruddington lane be open again to Cyclists and pedestrians? – the NET site does not give any of this information beyond statements of ‘ongoing’ work, which is about as informative as invisible ink words.

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