Edinburgh Airport tram passenger numbers down

A new report by the Airport Operators Association has shown that just 8% of all journeys taken to Edinburgh Airport are made by tram – a fall by 2% since the figures were last reviewed. Meanwhile 25% of journeys were made by bus, probably not that surprising considering bus fares from Edinburgh City Centre are £1 cheaper than those on the tram.

These figures are based on the start of the year and come from the same period as general tram passenger numbers have been on the increase which seems to suggest that although passengers are turning to the tram to get to and from Edinburgh City Centre the idea of paying that extra premium fare to get to the Airport seems to be a harder sell.

It should also be noted that the bus percentage had decreased since the last figures as well with some suggesting this is due to the introduction of Uber to Edinburgh.

It is hoped that more travelers will turn to the tram once Edinburgh Gateway opens next month although with the higher fares in place it remains to be seen whether this transpires.

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2 Responses to Edinburgh Airport tram passenger numbers down

  1. A McFarlane says:

    As I’ve commented previously, it doesn’t augur well for the soon-to-be-opened Gateway Rail/Tram interchange ! Other travel options for travel to Airport are cheaper. Edinburgh Trams need to revisit their fare stage policy and remove Airport surcharge.

  2. Ken Walker says:

    Hardly surprising if the airport surcharge applies to the trams but not other forms of transport. You would think they would be encouraging people to use what they reckon to be the most environmentally friendly form of transport.

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