Picture in Time: Blackpool Standard 49

Another trip to Crich for “Picture in Time” today as we catch up with Blackpool Standard 49; this time we see the tram in 1989 when its current operating life was coming to a close.

As we found out last time that 49 was featured on “Picture in Time” the tram had been built in 1926 and ran on its home tramway until 1962 after which it was swiftly moved to Crich for preservation. It entered service during 1964 and ran every year until 1973 and then again in 1975. A period in the workshops during 1976 followed and 49 was then part of the operating fleet between 1977 and 1992. The tram was then withdrawn from service requiring workshop attention. Since 1992 the tram has been found in the Exhibition Hall and Depots making some appearances outside during enthusiasts events, including during Blackpool Balloon 711’s 80th birthday event in October 2014.

We have two photos today for you showing 49 at Crich on 2nd April 1989. First up we see it at Stephenson Place and then we catch 49 heading underneath the Bowes Lyon Bridge which has been opened the previous year.

Both Photographs by Bob Hodges

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2 Responses to Picture in Time: Blackpool Standard 49

  1. Phil Hart says:

    Anyone know why there are tram tracks on top of Bowes Lyon Bridge.

  2. David A. Young says:

    I believe the intention was to have a horse-car line around there, of which the tracks over the bridge were to be an integral part.

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