Full Tramlink service resumed

London Tramlink services are once again running through Sandilands to New Addington, Beckenham Junction and Elmers End after the completion of repairs on the curve at Sandilands junction following last weeks tragic derailment. As a result of recommendations from the RAIB a new speed restriction has been placed on trams not only at this location but also three other places.

The first trams ran through again on Friday 18th November following the completion of repair work and intensive testing to ensure that everything was working as it should be on the curve. Additional speed restrictions and associated signage has also been put in place at Sandilands junction. A new 60kmph limit has been introduced between the 80kmph and the 20kmph limit with the 20kmph limit also brought closer to the exit to the tunnel.

As a result of the RAIB recommendations further speed restrictions have put in place on the curve in the opposite direction from Sandilands to Lloyd Park. Similar restrictions are also now in place on the approach to Sandilands from the Beckenham Junction/Elmers End branch and on the bend between Birkbeck and Harrington Road on the Beckenham Junction line.

All tram drivers were briefed before reopening and additional staff from Transport for London and First Group are available across the network to provide support and information for customers and employees. It has also been confirmed that First Group will be carrying out enhanced speed monitoring across the network.

Ahead of the opening a full risk assessment was taken by TfL and the advice was taken of an independent panel of tram experts (convened by UK Tram the experts included an ex RAIB & HMRI inspector, the ex UK Operations Managing Director for Centro, the ex Managing Director of London Rail, an expert in driving training and the General Manager of UK Tram).

Meanwhile Croydon Council have confirmed that they are planning to create two memorials into the seven people who lost their lives in the derailment. As five of the victims came from New Addington one memorial will be located there with a second at Sandilands.

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