UK Light Rail pioneer withdrawn from service

The first of the new generation of trams in the UK has been withdrawn from service with
Manchester Metrolink T68 1001 taken out of service during early August becoming the fifth of the initial 12 to be withdrawn (although this has since increased to six).

1001 was a trail blazer for the new light rail systems of the UK as it was the very first tram to arrive in the country on 29th August 1991 and also became the first of the T68s to arrive in Manchester. Entering service in April 1992 along with the remainder of its sisters it has
enjoyed a career of just over 20 years and has carried the standard old Metrolink colours of white, dark grey and blue throughout the time although in a couple of different styles.

Having sat out of service at Queen’s Road depot for around a week at the start of August the final decision to withdraw the tram officially was made on 7th August. Following this component recovery will commence before an expected move to Trafford depot for storage and further component recovery.

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2 Responses to UK Light Rail pioneer withdrawn from service

  1. Ken Walker says:

    As has been said before, this tram should be a prime candidate for preservation. Let’s hope it will be.

  2. Garage says:

    The TMS equipment wont be stpeprid out for use on an M5000 as they already have it. The older signalling equipment is to ripped out for use in a new M5000. Note as well that TfGM have stated the removal of the 12 T68 s will be completed by November this year so they aren’t in too much of a rush.

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