Western Train moved to Starr Gate

On Monday 30th July, Blackpool’s most popular trams made a surprise appearance on the promenade. The illuminated Western Train 733+734 was driven to Starr Gate by engineering staff, and moved into the new depot complex. The same crews then returned to Rigby Road aboard modified Balloon cars 707 and 713, which were subsequently used in service later that week.

It is not known why the Train has been taken to Starr Gate, but as far as is known it was still there at the time of writing. It was also noticed that the Train seems to have been turned around – again, the reason for doing this is currently unknown. Of course, 733+734 have been inside the new depot before, as they were displayed there for the Flexity2 launch event last September when, along with Standard 147, they provided an attractive backdrop for the special guests in attendance.

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