Picture in Time: Manx Electric Railway 19

Across the Irish Sea we go to the Isle of Man for today’s installment of Picture in Time. We head back over 50 years to 1963 and find Winter Saloon 19 in action along with a trailer.

It was the August of 1963 when this photo was taken and Winter Saloon 19 is seen just outside of the Derby Castle terminus along with a trailer. The backdrop of this photo is much different than that you would see today with the Derby Castle complex still in situ (this was even before the ill fated Summerland complex was constructed) and 19 is carrying a darker livery than that we are used to today carrying the legends of MER and Manx Electric Railway.

Today 19 – which was built in 1899 – can still be seen running between Douglas Castle and Ramsey in the usual Manx Electric Railway livery of Red, White and Teak.

Photograph by Bob Hodges

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5 Responses to Picture in Time: Manx Electric Railway 19

  1. Phil Hart says:

    Great photo – does look remarkably like the Fleetwood 40 box tram

  2. John Brookes says:

    As has been mentioned previously, instalment is spelt with one ‘L’!

  3. Terry Russell says:

    and in my day is was Derby Castle.

  4. David Mee says:

    Great photo, full of nostalgia and detail from a time now sadly past. The long gone Douglas Bay Hotel pokes its head up above Derby Castle, once lit by electricity generated by the railway. The illuminated Derby Castle sign once declared the varied delights of the site across the bay along with the Electric Railway sign, hopefully now or soon to be illuminated again.

    With reference to previous posts – come on boys play nicely – after all its all about the trams, and what a wonderful resource BTO is for us all to enjoy with good humour and wit!

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