Metrolink welcome M5000 3097 as 3096 enters service

The last couple of days has seen further movement on the Manchester Metrolink M5000 front with the latest arrival touching Metrolink metals for the first time with the previous arrival carrying passengers for the first time. The vehicles involved this time are 3097 (arriving) and 3096 (entering service).

First up on Friday 27th March it was the turn of 3096 to enter service. Having been delivered to Queens Road on Saturday 14th March the tram underwent commissioning work and then mileage accumulation before being cleared for an entry into service. This duly happened on Friday 27th March with 3096 allocated to the Piccadilly to MediaCityUK service. As with all trams numbered 3061 and above this vehicle is not fitted with ATS/VRS equipment and is allocated to Trafford Depot.

Then the following day – Saturday 28th March – saw the arrival of 3097, again to Queens Road Depot. This tram will now be commissioned and undergo mileage accumulation before it too can carry passengers in the not too distant future.

3096 departs Deansgate Castlefield with a service from MediaCityUK to Piccadilly on 27th March. This was its first day in passenger service. (Photo by Gareth Prior)

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