Great Orme Tramway gets off to a smashing start

The first tram movements of 2015 on the Great Orme Tramway took place on Saturday 21st March with clearance runs on both of the lower and upper sections. Unfortunately things did not quite go according to plan as a car parked adjacent to the tracks on the lower section was struck by one of the trams causing damage to the car.

Throughout the winter period cars are allowed to park alongside the tramway but there are notices stating that this is not permitted between 1st April and 31st October. However Conwy Council sent letters out earlier this month saying that they were planning to start services earlier and that cars should not be parked adjacent to the tramway as a result. Unfortunately it seems that one car owner did not receive the letter – and she has claimed that other local residents had not seen a copy either – and left her car where it was then struck by a tram on one of the clearance runs.

Local newspaper reports said that the car was a “write off” although photos included seemed to show fairly minor damage to the front corner of the car.

Once the car was removed tram services resumed on Sunday 22nd March for the start of another six months of operation. Services run every 20 minutes between 1000 and 1700 until the end of March with the hours of operation extended by an hour from the start of April.

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