NET Phase Two daytime testing extends

Another small step towards the opening of Nottingham Express Transit Phase Two has been reached with daytime testing extended through Compton Acres on the Clifton line. The first daytime test runs took place on Tuesday 24th February and the sight of trams beyond Ruddington Lane will now be a regular occurrence as the extensive commissioning period continues.

Daytime tests had been running as far as Wilford Lane for the past few weeks but the extension will now see trams being tested through Compton Acres and Ruddington Lane before stopping just short of the bridge over Fairham Brook. This stretch of line goes under Clifton Boulevard using an existing underpass and follows the former route of the Great Central Railway before reaching open parkland – the first open area on Phase Two which has seen daytime testing.

Testing on the Clifton line is at a more advanced stage than that on the Chilwell line with only night-time testing having taken place on the latter so far. This has seen trams run as far as ng2 but it has been announced that day-time testing will start within the next few weeks on this line as well.

So far it is believed that only Citadis trams have been used to test the new lines but as part of the full commissioning period the original Incentro trams will also be used.

Although the sphere of testing continues to be extended it is likely to be a while before passengers can enjoy a tram ride on Phase Two and no official date has yet been announced for when this will be.

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