Scenic T68s: Manchester Metrolink 1013

The second LRV to feature in this short series commemorating the first anniversary of the withdrawal of the last of the T68s is 1013 which was last used in service on 2nd December 2013.

1013 was originally delivered to Manchester on 30th January 1992 and was used in passenger service on the first day of running, 6th April 1992. Probably its biggest claim to fame actually came before Metrolink opened to the public as in March 1992 it managed to derail on the pointwork on the approach to platform B at Victoria, although no major damage was suffered. Having been withdrawn at the start of December 2013 the tram was moved to Trafford Depot from where it was collected by Allely’s for scrapping during the first week of September 2014.

Taken on 23rd November 2013 we see 1013 here reflected in the water at Pomona. (Photo: Lee Stanford)

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  1. Andy Coward says:

    Some stunning photos of the much-missed T68s from Lee – what I shame I couldn’t include them in the T68 tribute book. I still vividly remember 1013 being fully serviceable at Trafford following withdrawal and it was used on a number of occasions to shunt other members of the fleet around the depot yard. Last time I saw it though was as it was shunted into the depot building in preparation for its own departure.

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