In Pictures: Edinburgh city centre test runs

Daytime test runs through Edinburgh city centre have continued during this week in the first stage of testing to enable the public to get used to the trams running with a major safety campaign launched by Edinburgh Trams to advise people how to act around the trams (not that it should probably be necessary!) With thanks to John Hampton we bring you some images from testing on 25th February.

267 on the short street section between the reserved track at Haymarket Yard and the Haymarket tram stop which it is about to enter on its way to the city centre.


267 in Princes Street with the castle as the backdrop on its return journey to the Airport.

267 at St Andrews Square tram stop on the return journey to the Airport. The River Forth and the hills of Fife in the background. (All photos: John Hampton, taken on 25th February 2014)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Edinburgh city centre test runs

  1. Bill Barlow says:

    latest trams in white/madder/platinum are 257/258/272/276 that makes 12 in total [at least].

  2. Two things:
    1. Does Transport For Edinburgh define the red as “madder” ? The reason I ask is that the same colour applied to Lothian Buses is officially called Weinrott.
    2. Over and above trams noted by Bill in the new livery, I have sighted trams 255,265, 266,274 & 277 newly repainted (just wait until TFE gives them “all over” advertisements, cringe !).

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