Trams swap between Britain and Budapest

The return of Budapest twin set 2576+2577 to its native country last year, following a chequered career in preservation in the UK, signalled the end of the presence of any representative of this operator on British soil. However, and very surprisingly, this situation has now been reversed following the unexpected appearance of Budapest 3341 in the UK!

The repatriation of the twin car set last year following time spent with both the West Yorkshire Transport Museum (later re-branded as the ill-fated ‘Transperience’ attraction near Bradford) and the North Eastern Electrical Traction Trust came at a significant cost to its new owners. The organisation involved in the return of the tram, MaViTE – Magyar Villamosvasút-történeti Egyesület, have therefore counterbalanced this expense, by selling one of its other vehicles. Presumably 3341 was considered less valuable to them than the twin set from England, hence it being sold on and exported to Britain.

3341 is a single long bogie car, painted in a similar yellow livery to that carried by 2576+2577. It is understood that the tram is to be used as a film prop after being acquired by a British film production company. So, who knows, you might end up seeing a Budapest tramcar in an upcoming film production!

For more information on 3341‘s former home, the organisation’s Facebook page – – is well worth a look. This page also includes some interesting photos showing 2576+2577‘s journey back home.

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