Strike dates announced for Docklands Light Railway

The RMT union have announced that their members on the Docklands Light Railway plan to walk out for two 48 hour strikes in a dispute over, what else, pay and conditions. The first strike will start on 29th January with the second taking place from 4th February – the second of these dates will coincide with a strike on London Underground.

The RMT has said that there has been a total breakdown of industrial relations between the two sides whilst for their part Serco Docklands expressed their disappointment over the decision to go on strike.

Nearly 70% of RMT members voted during the ballot with the union saying that there was a nine to one majority in favour of going on strike. A number of issues are currently been disputed between the two sides with the inevitable pay award top of the agenda alongside the use of agency staff and disciplinary procedures. Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, told the BBC: “It is solely down to the actions of the Serco DLR management that RMT has had to announce industrial action across Docklands Light Railway to try and force the issues at the heart of this dispute to be both addressed and resolved. Our members have now shown the level of anger across the railway in an overwhelming mandate for action.”

Transport for London have said it is not up to them to intervene in this case but have urged both sides to return to the negotiating table to try and prevent this major disruption to passengers.

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  1. James Palma says:

    Is the DLR still operated by SERCO? I thought it had been re-awarded.

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