In Pictures: A Bank Holiday in the east

The East Anglia Transport Museum was once again open over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend with its usual mix of trams, trolleybuses and trains in operation. Bryan Grint visited on Sunday 26th May when he found Blackpool 634 again in service with London Transport 1858 also in action.

The East Anglia Transport Museum is one of only two locations in the UK where you can see an operational traditional London tramcar (Crich being the other obviously) and HR/2 1858 has been both a long term resident and an integral member of the operating fleet. The tram just leaves the woods here as the East Suffolk Light Railway runs in the background onto its extension.

1858 continues its journey out of the woods.

The tram service was completed by Blackpool 634. The Fylde Transport Trust owned tram on loan at the East Anglia Transport Museum has seen regular use since launched at Easter and is seen here at Chapel Road with the destination blind now set for STARR GATE. (All Photographs by Bryan Grint, 26th May 2024)

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