Chesterfield 7 returns to service at Crich

Whilst the majority of trams which have carried passengers at the Crich Tramway Village so far in 2024 were part of the operating fleet at times last year, the latest tram to be used for the first time does not fall into that category. That is Chesterfield 7 which, as we saw recently, had been in the Workshop for preparation for use and it was fully commissioned in time to be used on Wednesday 8th May 2024.

Chesterfield 7 had last been used in 2022, and it received somewhat of a farewell during Tram Day that year when it was publicised that it was to be withdrawn from service ahead of joining the queue of trams which required workshop attention. At that time it wasn’t expected that it would come back into use so quickly but with a limited number of open toppers currently available for service (Blackpool 236 is the only open car to have been commissioned so far) its open balcony has led it to coming back into the operational fleet.

Its return to service has obviously been popular as well as not only was it used on 8th May but has since been in action on both Thursday 9th and Saturday 11th May.

With 7 having entered service 12 trams have now run in passenger service in 2024. The others are Glasgow 22, Blackpool 40, Sheffield 74, Blackpool 167, Leeds 180, Blackpool 236, Metropolitan Electric Tramways 331, Leeds 399, Sheffield 510, Blackpool 630 and Liverpool 869.

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2 Responses to Chesterfield 7 returns to service at Crich

  1. Daniel says:

    Good news, I am glad it’s back. Local too, which always helps!

    It doesn’t seem so long ago that Crich had 3 operational double deck open toppers;
    Southampton 45, LCC 106 and Paisley 68.

    Hoping they bring more back soon!

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