3116 swaps adverts in Manchester

There is another new advert to be seen on the Manchester Metrolink system after 3116 received new vinyls for Sephora. This replaces its previous advert for the National Trust and is a major change as it goes from lots of colours to being black and white!

Sephora apparently offers an unrivaled selection of makeup, skincare, hair, fragrance and more from both classic and emerging brands. They are opening a new store at The Trafford Centre on 16th May 2024 with the advert part of their opening publicity campaign.

The advert is a rare one in that it does not include any form of window vinyl or contravision with the design firmly kept to the bodyside of the tram. It is mainly black with white stripes as well as images of people who have presumably enjoyed some products the store sells.

The previous advert on 3116 was for the National Trust and promoted their Blossom Watch campaign (West Midlands Metro 44 had a similar advert).

3116 has now had four adverts in its operating career: Cheshire Oaks Outlet (May-September 2019), Sale Sharks (August-November 2022) and National Trust (March 2024-May 2024) being the previous ones.

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