Around the World in Trams: Kolkata 71

Another edition of “Around the World in Trams” coming from Kolkata in India.

In this photo we see the life and chaos of Kolkata’s city centre streets as well-loaded streamlined 71 makes its way past Sealdah Station. 179 of these cars, also known as M type, were constructed by CTC mainly using bogies and components from earlier cars along with new bodywork and new motors from Hungary. Because of the two-class system used on the system there was no connection between the two halves, each of which carried its own conductor, often two at busier periods.

Despite the very low fares there would have been many Kolkata residents, their numbers still swollen by refugees from East Pakistan when it declared independence and became Bangladesh in 1971, for who tram travel would have been an unaffordable luxury. The tram’s route 20 journey had started at Howrah Station, across the River Hooghly, and would terminate south of Sealdah at Park Circus Depot.

Photograph by Donald Brooks, 22nd November 1978

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