Ten trams now in Edinburgh

Whilst our attentions have been turned towards tram deliveries in Blackpool, Croydon and Manchester the only modern tramway in Scotland has also been receiving new vehicles at regular intervals with ten of the CAF built trams now at Gogar Depot.

As we have previously reported the very first of the trams for Edinburgh – numbered 252
– was delivered back on 28th April 2010 and was initially put on display on Princes Street to allow members of the public to see inside the vehicle and to see what they would eventually enjoy on the streets of the Scottish capital. 252 was subsequently moved to storage before finally making its way to Gogar Depot.

As mentioned ten of the trams are now in situ at Gogar Depot although they have not been delivered in number sequence. Those trams now in Edinburgh are:











Regular deliveries from Spain will continue until all 27 of the order have arrived in Edinburgh although not all are likely to be required to operate the shortened route. The next tram is scheduled to be delivered on11th April 2012. Testing around the Depot commenced at the end of 2011 and will continue until the line finally opens to the public – this is currently planned to be in 2014.


With thanks to Edinburgh Trams for information contained in this article

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  1. Alasdsair McFarlane says:

    What a wate of Edinburgh Council Tax payers’ money this project is. Having recently sigted west end Princes Street, Gogar roundabout and St Andrews Square 2014 is an optimistic start date. Even worse, they’ve still to decide a fares structure for the truncated route. Now IF they could sell off some of the surplus, unwanted trams ??!!

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