Memorandum of Understanding for future Midland Metro extensions signed

Centro and the City of Birmingham City Council have signed an agreement which should
make any future extensions of Midland Metro slightly easier – although the usual hoops will still have to be jumped through. The Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties “recognises and acknowledges the Council’s support to facilitate Midland Metro development on land and highway that it owns”.

Cllr Angus Adams, chairman of Centro, explains more: “It’s absolutely fabulous that we have this agreement in place. I am confident that what we are working on now will eventually pave the way for a future Metro network and build on the extension into Birmingham city centre.”

And the Birmingham City Council Cabinet Member for Transport Environment and
Regeneration, Cllr Tim Huxtable, added: “The Metro has the possibility of transforming how people come into Birmingham in terms of work, play and study. Once the city centre extension is complete then we can consider a Metro system, incorporating the whole of the West Midlands area which will benefit all of our citizens.”

Although this “understanding” is now in place it doesn’t mean that Midland Metro will
suddenly be extended across the City but it does at least mean that the City Council and Centro are on the same page regarding possible future extensions.

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