Blackpool Transport to simplify fares

Following on swiftly after the launch of a new website and a new tram timetable Blackpool  Transport have now announced they are simplifying their fares structure from Sunday 8th September. This will see some fares rise but also there will be some fares coming down in price across the Blackpool Transport network with the buses mainly affected although some changes will also be seen on the trams.

The majority of single tram fares will remain as they are at the moment but the current £2.50 fare will be reduced to £2.30 bringing it into line with the new bus fares. Meanwhile a new Kids 4 A Quid single fare will be introduced which will allow all under 16s to purchase any single ticket on the bus or tram for just £1 before 2100. After 2100 the policy of discontinuing children’s fares will continue and they will have to pay the standard adult fare.

Saver tickets have been renamed Blackpool1 to signify that they are able to be used on both the bus and tram in the resort and they remain at their current price levels. In addition a new 3 Day Child ticket has been introduced at £6 which can be purchased either at a Travel Centre or on board any tram or bus and the current Adult 3 day version can now also be purchased on the tram or bus.

Discounted period tickets are also been introduced for the first time for the young with a Young Person/Student Blackpool1 ticket being available for £11 and a Young Person/ Student Blackpool1 ticket being available for £40.

In the future as the new website is developed there will be more online ticketing options introduced.

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