Derailment on Lower Mosley Street

Manchester Metrolink services have been disrupted from the early afternoon of Wednesday 23rd November after 3023 derailed on Lower Mosley Street. The tram was running from Altrincham to Bury when it derailed causing major service changes whilst engineers set about rerailing the tram.

3023 was reported as derailing shortly after 1400 with TfGM confirming that there were no injuries on board and that passengers had safely alighted the tram. It was running along Lower Mosley Street towards St Peter’s Square shortly after the inbound tracks between 1CC and 2CC split to allow the trams to be routed towards the correct platform. The front of the tram took the correct track onto 1CC whilst the rear took the tracks to 2CC.

Whilst engineers were sent to the scene a revised service operated:

  • Altrincham to Deansgate-Castlefield
  • Ashton to Piccadilly
  • Bury to Victoria
  • East Didsbury to Cornbrook
  • Eccles to Deansgate-Castlefield
  • Manchester Airport to Firswood
  • Rochdale Town Centre to Exchange Square
  • Trafford Park to Wharfside

There are also currently rail replacement works in Piccadilly Gardens to repair the delta junction and so trams were not running between Piccadilly Gardens and Piccadilly Station anyway.

At the time of writing work to rerail the tram was ongoing.

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  1. Steve Hyde says:

    From media reports on the Manchester Evening News website it seems that rerailing was completed around 20:00 and that by 20:30 services were being reformed in line with the modified pattern dictated by the track repairs in progress in Piccadilly Gardens.

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