In Pictures: Sorry sir you can’t get on the tram here…

Readers of this website will probably be well aware that although trams in Edinburgh are running to York Place to use the crossover there is no longer a stop there with services back to the Airport starting at St Andrew Square. Unfortunately, it would appear that normal tram users aren’t so aware as the photo in this article shows.

As part of the works to extend the tramway to Newhaven (the Trams to Newhaven project) the previous stop at York Place was closed and then demolished from February this year. The platform was removed and replaced by track to allow a full double track tramway to be in place for the entire length. But despite the fact that there is no platform there anymore it didn’t stop a group attempting to board a tram on 19th November 2022 – and this isn’t the first time that this behaviour has been noted in recent weeks. Probably a case of I boarded a tram here last time I was in Edinburgh so I’ll try and do it again!

Just before 1300 on Saturday 19th November and 267 has worked through to York Place to reverse, return to St Andrew Square and then return to the Airport. With a very narrow strip between the track presumed to be a platform by a group of men they attempt to board the tram. As the driver walked along the tram between the cabs he put them right and suggested they walked back along the tracks to St Andrew Square where they would be able to board the tram after all. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood, 19th November 2022)

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