Don’t forget! Seaton’s Tramathon Live on 2nd July!

Seaton Tramway’s now annual Tramathon Live fundraiser returns on Saturday 2nd July. With all 12 operational trams due to appear during the day (subject to the usual caveats) this year the event will only last for 12 hours (instead of the 24 of the past couple of years) – but that’s still 12 action packed hours of trams through the Axe Valley!

The day gets underway at 1000 with trams running all the way until 2200. Five trams should be in service at any point in the day with the remainder due to be on display at Colyton allowing visitors the chance to inspect some of the seldom seen trams (until 1700 only). Those trams at Colyton will be rotated in service as the day goes on so there should be a chance to get a ride on all of the fleet!

The 12 trams due to be used are:

2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 19

Always popular no. 4 will be shuttling up and down the line all day operating Tramathon specials. Special tickets are needed to run on these trips which depart from Seaton and 1000 and then every 1 hour 20 minutes until 2100. These can be purchased online with your ticket giving you travel on the round-trip on-board 4, unlimited travel on the other trams for the rest of the day and a donation to the Seaton Tramway fundraiser. You can get tickets for this by heading to the Seaton Tramway website. These tickets cost £15 with normal tickets available if you don’t want to travel on 4 too.

The new Riverside Halt will be open for one day only (as a preview to what is to come later in the year) and there will be access to the depot fan showing the fleet of works cars and a chance to see the restoration work ongoing on no. 7! Seaton Wetlands Halt remains closed as construction work is still ongoing.

If you can’t get to Seaton on the day don’t despair! It will still all be live streamed on Facebook and their YouTube channel. You can also take part in a special auction where you can bid for some unique pieces of Seaton Tramway memorabilia – including old destination blinds and signs. The auction can be found on ebay.

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