Stop by Stop Nottingham Express Transit: Central – Wilkinson Street

We continue our journey on the central section of Nottingham Express Transit in this edition of “Stop by Stop”.

Today we continue heading out of the city as we leave the single track loop and reach Wilkinson Street, home of the tram depot. Our journey leaves Shipstone Street stop and runs along Shipstone Street before it reaches Radford Road which it crosses and starts its approach to Wilkinson Street. We are running along Wilkinson Street and out track crosses over the inbound track as we see the access tracks to the depot on the right and then arrive at the tram stop. We’re back to platforms either side of the tracks here with shelters and everything else in place.

Looking out of the city with the park and ride site on the right this is the stop at Wilkinson Street.

229 just departs from Wilkinson Street with an outbound service to Hucknall.

223 arrives at Wilkinson Street as it heads to Toton Lane. Taken from the opposite side of Wilkinson Street this view shows the outbound platform as well. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 17th September 2021)

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