West Midlands Metro service resumption to Library delayed by at least a week

The hoped for return of a service between Bull Street and Library in Birmingham City Centre has been delayed by at least seven days. In a new statement on their website, West Midlands Metro have now confirmed that they are hoping to be in a position to run the full length of the previously opened route from Sunday 6th February.

The statement says: “We are pleased to confirm that the permanent repairs to our existing tram fleet remain on schedule and are progressing well. While some of our new trams have entered passenger service, the commissioning of the remaining trams is taking slightly longer than anticipated. Our engineers continue to work with the manufacturer to complete this essential process as quickly as possible, but this does mean that services will be unable to resume to Library on January 30th as we had anticipated. We now expect to provide services to Library, subject to availability, from Sunday 6th February. We  appreciate your understanding while we are working hard to provide services to all of our stops once again and are very sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause.”

It had previously been announced earlier this month that repairs were progressing well and that they had intended to resume services by the end of January but this has now proved to be impossible with repairs still being undertaken on a number of trams which have yet to be cleared for service again.

In recent weeks there have also been days when there haven’t been enough trams to run a full service from Bull Street to Wolverhampton St George’s with gaps noted in the service, so the fact that this announcement has been made is possibly not a huge surprise. One of the more disappointing aspects of this announcement is that it has only come three days before the end of the month.

It will now be a wait of at least another week before we see trams in service to Library for the first time since 25th July.

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