In Pictures: Another different tram in service at Beamish

So far in 2022 as our “Beamish correspondent” has paid a visit to the museum there has been a different tram in use and that continued on Sunday 16th January when fully enclosed Sunderland 16 was allocated to service. This follows on from Blackpool 31 at the turn of the year and Sheffield 264 the previous Sunday in running in service at the museum. This pictorial article takes a look at not only 16 in service but also some of the sights around the depot. Trevor Hall is our photographer.

Sunderland 16 stands at the tramstop in the Town ahead of heading back round to Foulbridge. The Town remains the terminus for services with the section from there past the Events Field remaining closed awaiting maintenance works.

An interior view of the upper deck of 16.

Road 1 of the depot building was open which allowed this image of Gateshead & District 52 to be captured. Oporto 65 remains behind the tram.

A view inside the main shed with Newcastle 114, Grimsby & Immimgham 26, Sheffield 264, Blackpool 31 and Oporto 196 all seen. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 16th January 2022)

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