Blackpool Transport fares to rise from 16th January

It is the season for fare increases it would seem! New fares will be introduced across the Blackpool Transport network – including the trams – from Sunday 16th January and for anyone buying a single ticket on board the tram there will be a significant 50p increase from £2.10 to £2.60 – still excellent value if travelling all the way from Starr Gate to Fleetwood but no so much if you’re going from Pleasure Beach to South Pier!

Main adult fares to travel on the trams from Sunday 16th January will be:

  • Single – £2.60 (only available on board) increase from £2.10
  • Return – £4.50 (only available on board)
  • 1 Hour – £3.30 (only available through the mobile app) increase from £3.00
  • 24 Hour – £5.50 (mobile app) or £6.00 (on board) increase from £5.20/£5.50
  • 3 Day – £13.50 (mobile app) or £15.00 (on board) increase from £11.50/£12.50
  • 7 Day – £15.50 (mobile app) or £17.00 (on board) increase from £14.50/£15.50

As mentioned in the intro the most significant rise is the tram single ticket. Since the current fares structure was introduced in 2019 there have been two single fares available on the bus (depending on distance travelled) with just one on the trams and that had previously been the lower of the two bus fares. But now it has been changed to the higher fare. On face value an increase of 50p for a single fare does seem high but £2.60 does still offer excellent value for money and if you’re travelling more often the saver tickets give even better value for money.

In making the fare change announced Blackpool Transport have said: “Although our current prices are changing on Sunday 16th January 2022, many of our fares are still lower than they were in August 2019 (prior to the Coronavirus pandemic). Our customers can benefit from a smaller price increase and in some cases, no increase at all, when they use the BPL app for their travel. We hope that our customers understand that as we continue to recover and grow from the impact that Covid 19 has had on our business we need to increase some of our fares, however, most of these new fares are still relatively lower than they were before the pandemic hit.”

Blackpool Transport have also launched a Fare Finder tool on their website to help passengers make sure they are selecting the best ticket for their journeys. You can find this at

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