They Ran in 2021: Seaton 11

And we come to an end of our “They Ran in 2021” series with one final trip out, and the location is the Seaton Tramway.

Love the colour or loathe it there is no denying that Seaton Tramway’s no. 11 the “pink tram” is very hard to miss and has proven to be popular with visitors to the tramway since it was repainted. One of three larger capacity trams with disabled access built by Bolton Trams Ltd at the turn of the century if you visit the tramway there is a good chance you will see it in service!

Here we see 11 (taken from the top deck of a passing tram) as it is in Axmouth Loop. The housing development on the former Warner’s Holiday Camp is seen on the right in the distance. (Photograph by David Mee, 30th August 2021)

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