Stop by Stop Nottingham Express Transit: Central – Nottingham Trent University

Its time for another edition of “Stop by Stop” with our journey in the central section of Nottingham Express Transit continuing.

When the tram leaves Royal Centre it continues along Goldsmith Street crosses Talbot Street/Burton Street before it reaches the stop at Nottingham Trent University – the second stop for a university on NET we have seen (although this was the first to open). Both platforms here – which are either side of the tracks again – are integrated into the footpath and have shelters, ticket machines, passenger information displays, lighting, CCTV, information panels.

Its “Tram Only” through the stop here as we can see from the surface and signs. This image looks back into the city.

212 departs from Nottingham Trent University with a service bound for Clifton South. Building of the university surround the tramway.

This is 201 standing at Nottingham Trent University as it works a service through to Hucknall. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 20th September 2020)

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