Passenger numbers fall on Luas

Unsurprisingly recent figures released by the National Transport Authority in Ireland have shown that passenger numbers on Luas have fallen as a result of travel restrictions introduced across the country from March 2020. In a similar picture to that seen in the UK there is a massive reduction in passenger numbers recorded, and it’s the same story on all transport modes in Ireland as well.

During 2020 19.2 million journeys were recorded on Luas – a fall of 60% from 2019’s figure of 48.3 million (which had been the highest passenger numbers carried since Luas opened in 2004. In fact the 19.2 million passenger journeys is the lowest figure carried in a full year since Luas services commenced. Only in 2016 had there previously been a fall, with this a 1.6% reduction (put down to a 6 week partial closure of the Red line for CrossCity works and 12 days of industrial action).

While there was a major reduction in passengers travelling on Luas, the kilometres operated by the trams only saw a minor change – 4.4m km to 4.3m km (1.5% fall). This can easily be explained as services continued to run for key workers but only people making essential journeys were asked to travel on board the trams.

Passenger revenue was also down, hardly a surprise considering how many fewer passengers travelled, with 33.5m euros recorded (58.6% reduction from 2019).

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