Metrolink 3132 delivered to Manchester

Another three weeks has passed since the previous delivery at Manchester Metrolink’s Queens Road Depot and so that meant that on Saturday 16th October it was time once more for a lorry to arrive from Bombardier. This time the tram making its first appearance in Manchester was 3132.

With 3132 being the 132nd M5000 to be delivered, and the 12th in this batch, there isn’t much more we can say about its arrival (and we still have another 15 to write about!) except to say it arrived in the standard lunchtime slot on a Saturday and was soon unloaded to allow the full commissioning process to get underway.

Of this new batch of M5000s – which will eventually total 27 – 31213130 have carried passengers so far with 3131 still undergoing commissioning and is now joined by 3132 to go through this process.

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  1. steve hyde says:

    A minor correction to this news item is that the M5000 is now an Alstom product after Alstom completed their acquisition of Bombardier Transportation earlier this year.

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