Newcastle 114 cleared for return to service

Beamish once again have five trams available for service with Newcastle 114 now commissioned for use following testing after the refitting of its overhauled motors. Its not known whether it has yet carried any passengers and the weather may not be the type you expect open toppers to be used regularly but it is now available for service once more.

Newcastle 114 was withdrawn in winter 2019/20 for the motor overhaul to take place and it is thought that it last ran in service in January 2020.  The motor overhaul was scheduled to all be completed to allow it to take its place back in service in plenty of time for the main summer season last year but obviously global events intervened and its motors were only able to be reunited with the tram during September.

After the motors were refitted 114 was tested before the museum opened each day and with this work completed during the first full week of October the Newcastle car has been cleared for service once more.

Tram services at Beamish continue to run the special service from Foulbridge to the Town via the Entrance and Pockerley. The tram route was extended all the way into the town towards the end of September having originally only been running to the east end of the street. One tram is usually in action each day although an enhanced service may run during the October Half Term holidays.

The five trams available for service? Sunderland 16, Blackpool 31, Oporto 196 (although its use has been mainly confined to driver training), Sheffield 264 and now Newcastle 114.

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