Nottingham Contactless introduced for travel on NET

Nottingham Express Transit has become the latest tram operator in the UK to offer full contactless payments for travel with the introduction of “Nottingham Contactless”. This now means that anyone who wishes to purchase an adult single or day ticket can now do so by simply tapping their debit/credit card or mobile device with apple of Google pay at the start of their journey on the green validators located on all platforms.

Over recent months technology on the network has been upgraded which now means NET staff out on the network have the ability to scan debit/credit cards to check that a ticket purchase has been made if they request to check tickets.

The one big difference paying using contactless methods on NET to other systems is that you only have to tap-in at the start of your journey – there is no need to tap-out at the end as if you do you will be charged another fare! Presumably for this reason only adult single and day tickets are currently available through this way with all other tickets still having to be purchased through other methods such as the NETGO! app or on platform ticket machines.

To pay in this way all you have to do is tap their payment cards or mobile devices on the lime green validators at the end of the platform being board a tram. You will then hear a beep and a green tick will show to indicate a payment for a single journey has been made. If you travel more than once in a day you will only be charged a maximum of NET adult daily fares.

This is just the first step by NET in the Nottingham Contactless scheme and its hoped that by the end of the year that passengers will be able to use their debit/credit cards to make multiple journeys across trams and buses in the city.

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