Maintenance works in Edinburgh City Centre

The last week of September has seen essential maintenance works taking place in Edinburgh City Centre with reports in the Edinburgh Evening News revealing that this is to replace track sealant as well as repairs to degraded concrete surrounding the tracks. No tram services have been affected by the works with much taking place overnight although there have also been road closures during the day to allow the work to be completed.

Work started on Sunday 26th September and has included sections along Princes Street and at Shandwick Place. The Evening News article reported that this included a 1 mile long section alongside St John’s Church at West End.

The concrete surrounding the tracks has been starting to crack with the number of vehicles driving over it on a daily basis while the track sealant is said to have come to the end of its life so needs replacing.

A spokesperson from Edinburgh Trams said: “Currently, there are two streams of essential work taking place at Shandwick Place and the West End. Firstly, we are carrying out scheduled maintenance to replace track sealant which has come to the end of its life. Secondly, reactive maintenance to repair concrete track form defects which have degraded and now require repair to ensure the safe operation of the system.”

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