In Pictures: New advert for Edinburgh Trams 262

Edinburgh Trams 262 has become the latest tram in Edinburgh to return to carrying adverts with it noted in service at the end of September advertising Clearwater Analytics – who are apparently the world’s most trusted and accurate investment, accounting and reporting solution. This is the first advert on the tram since the end of 2019.

262’s advert follows the usual advert pattern of full height vinyls on the third and fifth sections of the tram with the remaining sections just having ads above the windows. Using various shades of blue, one of the full height sections just has the simple Clearwater Analytics logo with the other featuring a woman and the wording “Discover the difference transparency in data can make for your business”.

This is the fourth advert carried on 262 and comes after designs for C R Smith from Dunblane to St Andrews (September 2017 to January 2019), Macdonald Hotels/Paul Tamburrini (January-August 2019) and Spotify (August-December 2019).

With a Citylink bus rapidly approaching on the outside threatening the uninterrupted view of the tram here we see 262 at West End in its new advert.

A look at the end section of 262 showing the logo of Clearwater Analytics.

A close-up view of one of the full height sections.

Looking down the tram as we see the other full height section.

The final shot shows the other end of 262 as the tram prepares to leave West End for the Airport. Charlotte Chapel is in the background. (All Photographs by Roy Calderwood, 29th September 2021)

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