Lockdown Walks: Blackpool 715

Today “Lockdown Walks” is going heritage as we’re off to the seaside!

Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours are now running daily tours until the end of August with a selection of Promenade and Coastal Tours operating – all starting from the heritage stop at North Pier and Tower. A smaller than usual pool of trams has been commissioned for service but with pre-booking still being the order of the day anyone booking will at least know what type of tram they will be getting, whether that be a Balloon, a Boat Car (weather permitting!) or maybe even something else!

On Sunday 4th July one of the heritage trams out was Balloon 715. Owned by the Fylde Transport Trust and on loan to Heritage Tram Tours this popular double-decker retains its 1970s fleet livery along with side adverts. This first image shows the tram at North Pier and Tower.

715 has now reversed and uses the crossover to gain the southbound track as it returns to depot. (Both Photographs by Kate Meeson, 4th July 2021)

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