In Pictures: Track gets ready to be laid at Wilko’s

Last time we took a look at construction progress at the former Wilko’s site in Blackpool, which will become the UK’s newest tram terminus (when it opens in 2022), we saw the first signs of the concrete track base being installed and that work has been continuing in the days since that article as we see in this latest update. And not only has the concrete base seen progress but there is the first sign of track be readied for installation too!

With trams said to be due to start running in early 2022, and other work still to be completed, the next few months are likely to be fairly busy along Talbot Road and up to this new terminus. Not only does the last section of track need to be installed but the actual terminus needs to be built and the entire route up from the Prom also needs the overhead installed. There are also some snagging works to be completed along the route.

We will all be watching with interest as to what happens!

If you’d been wondering just where the tracks would go once you get into the former site of Wilko’s this picture pretty much gives you the answer. The past week has seen excellent progress made on the laying of the concrete track base as we see here.

Its not just about the tramway work on site either as the framework for the first building is also continuing to progress.

Looking the other way – away from the railway station – and we can again see the trackbed being put down. (Photographs x3 by Tony Armitage, 26th June 2021)

Two days later and there is now track which is waiting to be laid as real progress can be seen on the project.

Another look onto the worksite where there are various pieces of track waiting for installation along with some more of track gauges. (Photographs x2 by Tony Armitage)

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