Tram-trains for Glasgow Airport link?

Plans have been released which suggest that tram-trains could be used as a cheaper alternative to link Glasgow city centre with the Airport. It had originally been intended that a full blown railway link would be used to the Airport but the Scottish Government scrapped the project due to escalating costs. In a new airport strategy document it is suggested that tram-trains could be used instead.

Bosses at Glasgow Airport are said to be concerned about the severe traffic congestion around the airport and believe something needs to be done to rectify this situation and despite the fact that the Glasgow Airport Rail Link was axed in 2009 they are eager to see a rail solution. Glasgow is one of only a few major European cities which does not have any rail link to the airport with only a quarter of passengers travelling there by public transport.

The revived plans would see a one mile spur from the main railway line head to the south of the airport. Using tram-trains would allow tighter curves to be built than with a conventional railway which would help keep costs down.


As well as the tram-train idea other suggestions include a dedicated
busway from the City Centre and also for a peak time bus lane on the M8 between
the City Centre and Airport.

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