Luas track renewal on Green line in April, May and June

There will be track renewal taking place on Luas’ Green line over four weekends in April, May and June which will see a revised service operate with sections being closed to allow the old track to be removed and new track to be laid.

The work will be taking place at Charlemont stop on the Green line with both the northbound (first two weekends) and southbound line (last two weekends) being treated to the new track. During the work there will be no trams running between St Stephen’s Green and Beechwood.

When is the work taking place? Saturday 24th/Sunday 25th April, Saturday 1st to Monday 3rd May (Bank Holiday weekend), Saturday 29th/Sunday 30th May and Saturday 5th to Monday 7th June (Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland)

What tram service will run? Green line services will run Broombridge/Parnell to St Stephens Green and Beechwood to Sandyford/Brides Glen only through all weekends

Replacement buses? Serving all stops between St Stephens Green and Beechwood running approximately every 15 minutes

In the information about the works taking place Luas have also confirmed exactly what will happen during the work:

During the temporary partial closure of Luas Green Line Stops between St. Stephen’s Green and Beechwood on the above dates, the Luas contractor will cut sections of rail and concrete surrounding the rail into small sections of approx. 3 metres to remove the rail.

Once the old rail is removed and the area cleared, the contractor will position the new rail, weld them all together, then drop them into position before welding them at each end of Charlemont Luas Stop. This work must be done one rail at a time.

The contractors will transport the new lengths of rail to the location for the first weekend for works for each track Sat 24th April and Sunday 25th Apr and Saturday 29th May and Sunday 30th May. These rail lengths will be stored parallel to the tracks for use during the second weekend of works taking place on the May and June Bank Holiday weekends.

All residents and businesses in the area have been given notice of these works and been advised noise will be generated during these works. Measures will be taken to mitigate increased noise levels.

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